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Print Projects

I only provide the designs, not the printing services. If you are printing with an online company, please send me the link to their website so I can format the graphic to their template specifications. Minimal photo retouching (adjusting brightness/contrast and cropping) is FREE for photos being used in the design. For a complete photo retouch or other custom graphic work, please ask me for an estimate.

*Please note: I do NOT give out the original Photoshop files. I with provide your final image file(s) rasterized with a resolution of 300dpi and set to the size you requested (rasterized images will lose pixel quality if you try to resize them). File(s) will be saved in formats PDF or JPG.


Small (ex. Invitations & Flyers) - Starts at $50 (Maximum size: 8.5"x11")
Back Side (Optional):  $25

Medium (ex. Signs & Posters) - Starts at $100 (Maximum size: 36")
Back Side (Optional):  $50

Large (ex. Banners) - Starts at $200 (Sizes larger than 36")
Back Side (Optional):  $100

*plus tax for Hawaii residents only

All projects start at the amounts listed above and may increase at my hourly rate depending on size and the complexity of the design. Please inquire for an estimate.

Once you have confirmed the final design, I will send you the print-ready file. Additional fees may be added if your project needs any alterations after I have sent you the print-ready file.

Additional Mock-up Fee - $50 (optional):
A single design style mock-up of your project is included in your original deposit payment. If you would like to see multiple mock-ups, or "blueprints", of different design style options for your project, a non-refundable one-time mock-up fee per option will be charged. This fee is separate from the cost of producing the actual design. Mock-ups are for planning purposes so clients can get a general idea of the design concept. Mock-ups are not detailed and no actual design work will be done during this process.


All work (design, illustrations and graphic files) produced are the property of the designer, Design Freedom Hawaii. Clients may use the work only for purposes originally discussed during consultation. Clients are not allowed to alter, transform, reproduce or use the work for any other purposes without permission of the designer. Doing so is a violation of copyright laws and will result in additional fees and/or a cease and desist notice.

Usage for Cancelled Projects:
If the client cancels their project, they will not receive any of the work that has been created. All elements of the work created at that point, with the exception of elements that were provided by the client (ex. logos, photos, etc.),  is the property of the designer and the client is not allowed to reproduce any elements of the design work that they did not provide.


Consultations are free of charge and do not include any design work (ex. mock-ups or previews). See "Additional Mock-up Fee" above for more info). Consultations include planning and guidance only.

Payment is due before any design work begins: a 50% deposit is due for projects valued at $200 or more. Remaining balance will be due before the final print-ready file is sent. Projects valued below $200 are due in full before any design work begins.

Cancelled Projects:
No refunds for projects priced below $200. For projects priced at $200 or more, clients have 7 days from when their payment was made to receive a 50% refund. See note above for more info regarding "Usage for Cancelled Projects".

Cancelled Projects That Require A Longer Timeline (30 days or more):
More specific projects may require a longer timeline to produce and revise to a client's satisfaction. If the client decides to cancel their project 30 days into the design process since their deposit was made, the client is responsible for paying 50% of the remaining balance. See note above for more info regarding "Usage for Cancelled Projects".

All transactions are processed safely via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment. Major credit/debit cards are accepted, just choose your desired payment method at the checkout page. Any questions regarding making a payment with PayPal or if you wish to pay via check, feel free to contact me.

By sending in your payment, you are agreeing to the terms listed above.